Warranty Service

Our company provides warranty and post-warranty servicing for leading IT technology manufacturers either in eight service centres across the Czech Republic or where the device is installed.

We provide the following services:
  • Warranty servicing according to manufacturer ´s terms depending on the warranty level of the device
  • Post-warranty servicing according to customer´s demand in a service centre or where the device is installed
  • Above-standard servicing (extended warranty or SLA) v depending on the warranty parameters given by the manufacturer or required by the customer.
  • These service parameters include guaranteed response/service time, SW support, providing a substitute device until the repair is accomplished, etc.
  • Prophylaxis and audits of IT technology as agreed with the customer. This service includes regular check-ups and scheduled servicing and assessment on operation profitability of the device.
  • You can have the devices delivered with installation by professionals including staff initial training
  • Safe and ecological disposal of disused devices via contracted partners including a receipt of proper e-waste disposal.
For the following device types:
  • PC & Notebooky
  • Servers & data storage devices
  • Printers & multifunction printers
  • Plotters & scanners
  • Back-up power sources
  • and more products for which we are authorized by their manufacturers
We aim to tailor the service proposal for every customer individually based on his needs. If you are interested in cooperating with us, contact us in our regional centres and we will be glad to advise you and to help you. Warranty servicing is provided according to manufacturer ´s terms either in a service centre or where the device is installed, always depending on the valid warranty level for the device.