ICT Administration

Delivering hardware goods or an ICT solution to the customer is usually the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Upon reception, everything functions to customers´ satisfaction, but later, as their demands grow and as daily operations bring more and more alterations to the technology, customers´ demands for maintenance and/or servicing solutions grow. Professional maintenance, fast response in the case of emergency and to-the-point service intervention are the services that our customers value the most.

Main areas of our offer of ICT administration and servicing are the following:

  • Server and company network administration
  • End-user terminals administration
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing of IT technology

Server and company network administration

Our certified experts possess long-time experience in setting up and running numerous servers in different environments. This enables us to provide customers with complex administration of their servers, to guarantee trouble-free operation and high availability.

End-user terminals administration

End-user terminals of employees can generate a significant proportion of tasks for the company’s IT department. We can do these tasks for our customers and thus significantly relieve the load of securing their own ICT operation and free their experts for more strategic activities. We can help not only with operating maintenance, but also with backup at user terminals. We can propose and deliver also the more and more trendy style of using desktop virtualization when users can access their environment from any terminal connected to the company network.

Warranty and post-warranty servicing of IT technology

Companies of the C SYSTEM CZ a.s. group provide warranty and post-warranty servicing of technology of almost thirty recognized brands. Depending on the contracted level of customer support, we provide either fast-response servicing at the customer´s premises or at our service centres across the Czech Republic.