Special Projects

The C SYSTEM CZ a.s. company is among top suppliers of and service partners of ICT solutions for schools. We are an accredited institution for education for Further Education of Teachers (DVPP) under the Ministry of Education. Last but not least we help schools with administration and management of European programmes.

  • Experience in the education sector – since 2006 we have had a division specializing in supplying ICT solutions for schools including initial training for the school staff.
  • References– our solutions are in use in several hundred schools and education institutions and growing. We have long-time experience in providing training seminars and conferences for schools across the Czech Republic.
  • Quality background – our company has its own self-contained premises in eight locations strategically placed across the Czech Republic, where seminars and conferences can be held.
  • Resources – we possess a wide spectrum of experienced experts with in-depth knowledge of school system and education projects as well as ICT.
  • Partnership – we are partners for schools & education to companies such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Fujitsu, etc. Thanks to this, we have access to the newest technology and we can provide it to schools at reasonable conditions.

Selected projects across the Czech Republic:

ECOP (Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme) Invitation No. 1.4 Templates for elementary schools and Invitation No. 1.5 Templates for secondary schoolsy

  • A project most schools viewed as an opportunity to upgrade their ICT stock and namely to acquire interactive whiteboards.
  • We helped over 250 elementary schools and more than 100 secondary schools to write the application and to select the required templates and later to produce monitoring reports and successfully run the whole project.
  • For this project our company was ranked among the top contractors regarding the volume of provided IT solutions and their implementation.

ECOP Invitation No. 51 Tablets for Schools

  • A project aimed at teaching teachers how to use touchscreen devices in the classroom.
  • 50 partner schools participated and the project team consisted of 200 employees. In this one-year project with a budget over 60 million CZK teachers received a comprehensive package of the Further Education for Teachers programme.
  • Every participant received a convertible tablet and every school participating in the project was, either fully or partially, covered with Wi-Fi. After project ended the participating schools could keep all the equipment.

ECOP Invitations Nos. 56 & 57

  • Two interconnected projects enabling schools to send students and teachers abroad to enhance their language knowledge. Beneficiaries could also purchase books for school libraries and equipment for practical lessons.
  • We provided complex administration of these projects for over 100 schools including managing the obligatory tendering procedures.