Complementary Fulfilment

The C SYSTEM CZ a.s. company as a long-time employer of persons with disabilities and a company providing the so called complementary fulfilment of other companies´ obligation to employ persons with disabilities would like to inform you that in 2012 there were some changes to the respective legislation which remain valid in 2016:

Valid legislation:

Under the Employment Act No. č. 367 / 2011 Coll., subjects employing 25 employees or more under an employment contract are required to employ a proportion of persons with disabilities, which is set at 4 %.

To meet this obligation there are three options, or combination thereof:

  1. To employ a person or persons with disabilities
  2. To make a payment to State budget - amounting to around 63k CZK per person with disabilities
  3. So called complementary fulfilment: to purchase goods services from a company that employs over 50% persons with disabilities – in the amount of around 176k CZK / per person with disabilities

New legislation sets a yearly limit for subjects employing over 50% of persons with disabilities, limiting the possible complementary fulfilment capacity that can be transferred to another subject (or divided among other subjects) to the amount of 900.000 CZK per person with disabilities per year.


In 2016 the C SYSTEM CZ a.s. group possesses the amount of complementary fulfilment in the order of hundreds millions CZK, so although a shortage in complementary fulfilment capacity is universally expected for this year, we remain ready to provide it under attractive terms and without any compromise regarding your requirements.

We are ready to stipulate this in a contract and guarantee you the complementary fulfilment you need in 2017.

If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to ask us in our  regional centres or at

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