Are you planning to switch to a new information system? Do you need advice in selecting suitable hardware or software to support your goals? Are you starting the integration of new applications into your existing information system?

We provide highly professional consultancy services for complex IT system support. We possess means and knowledge enabling us to propose solutions for all IT features in your company. Increase the efficiency of your enterprise while you transfer concerns about IT to us.

The level of consultancy is up to the client. Our solutions are not limited to complex and extensive proposals, we provide also one-time advice and audits. The range of services provided will be adapted to your requirements.

In the course of joint work on IT consultancy, mutual trust and communication are crucial. We will legally secure your data and your intellectual property against loss or disclosure. To make your working with us more agreeable for you we train your personnel in communication skills and we take effort to ensure meeting with our expert is always professional.

  • IT consultancy and advice for HW & SW
  • Consultancy for technical feasibility
  • Consultancy for the implementation of new IT solutions
  • Consultancy for optimizing the existing IT solutions
  • IT security consultancy

Have you come across an IT situation you are not able to handle and you feel at a loss? Contact us!

Our team of consultants will listen to your needs and based on these they will propose a suitable solution. A solution that will help you save funds while improving the performance.