Implementation Services

Implementation and installation services are an important part of what we offer. These services can be either included in our delivery of IT devices or a complex IT solution, or we can provide them also separately, which helps our customers optimize the use of the technology they already have. Thanks to our services the customers will make sure the performance of their devices, software or complex IT systems will be reliable and stable.

Installation of Devices

If the customer wishes so, the devices we provide (PCs, servers, data storage components, printers, etc.) can be made ready for immediate putting into operation. We can deliver the device to the customer and then install it into operation and ensure its smooth integration in customer´s routine operation. We provide the devices either with original settings or customized according to customers’ requirements.

Software Implementation

Especially in deliveries of more complex systems the customers appreciate when the software solutions are delivered with settings that reflect their operating conditions. Therefore a part of our delivery is an analysis of inputs, in which - in cooperation with the customer – it is described how the software is expected to work. The subsequent implementation of e.g. ERP information system is then smooth and easy for the customer.

Wired, Optical and Wireless Networks

We offer not only all necessary components of communication networks, but also their complex delivery. We can design the network topology and the technology necessary, we build the infrastructure, set all the components, provide personnel training and later, at clients´ requests, also regular maintenance of the whole system. Customers thus can rely on long-time experience of our experts.

Contact us in our regional centres to tell us what you might be interested in and we will be happy to make an attractive proposal for you.