ICT Financing

The benefits from using our financing plans are getting even better. Reducing costs, clear budgeting, flexibility in financing and securing investments are among the priorities of every company. An important change, which has an impact on IT, is the way these services are nowadays paid for. Among other attractive offers, you can take advantage of all benefits of our e-Business solution.

Gaining advantage against your rival companies

Using our financing puts you ahead of your rivals, you will be able to keep the pace of the speeding development of IT.

The benefits of e-Business

E-Business does not bring any significant alterations in your business relationships, but it changes the way these are carried out. E-Business improves company processes and the quality of services for you and your customers. If the use of electronic business is not optimized, it may result in increased cost of an unfit solution.

More for your money

Clearer budgeting brings cost saving, securing of investments and the ability to react promptly to changes in project funding.

Use of subsidies

The C SYSTEM CZ a.s. company has vast experience in receiving funds on behalf of clients mainly from structural funds, e.g. ICT in companies (Ministry of Industry and Trade) or ECOP - Education for competitiveness Operational Programme (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports). We are ready to share this knowledge with you and help you reach funds to develop IT in your company.