Pilsen Urban Transport Company, Inc

Name of contract: Server Consolidation in PMDP. Inc.
Name of submitter: Pilsen Urban Transport Company, Inc. (Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s.)
Headquaters: Denisovo nábřeží   920/12, 303 23 Plzeň
ID (IČ): 252 20 683

The subject of the tender is proposing a solution for the current project consolidation of server infrastructure with regard to scalability to cover expected future claims on the performance of the system, the delivery of hardware, software and related services.

After analyzing customer requirements for high-availability solutions with scalability well into the future a hardware design of all system components was made, also a software design and the resulting implementation of the solution.

The main solution components were selected as follows:

  • Virtualization from VMware Enterprise versions. This provides functionality such as VMotion, VCB, HA (high availability), DRS (advanced resources sharing) or Storage vMotion and leading-edge technology and market leader.
  • HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure chassis equipped HP ProLiant BL460c
  • Shared Storage HP EVA 4000 as an efficient data repository that meets the performance and capacity requirements of the customer
  • Incorporation of solutions into existing backup infrastructure (CA BrightStor ARCserve, HP Storage Works MSL 2024)
  • Adding a backup solution based on VMware Consolidated Backup
  • Implementation of the management and monitoring of the entire hardware solution based on HP Systems Insight Manager
  • Virtualization of required physical servers
  • The entire solution was designed fully redundant.

After completion of the project, the existing heterogeneous infrastructure consolidated into a single rack with a central management and monitoring.