Printing Optimization

Printing optimization is understood as using the right printing devices with regard to how the required printing capacity is distributed across the spatial and process structure of the company.

To be able to design optimal printing solution we perform printing analysis in cooperation with the client, when the input information is collected via software probes and person-to-person consulting.

The printing analysis will reveal the following:

  • Current state of hardware
  • Information on operating cost
  • Required capacity at workplaces
  • Cost of servicing
  • Inclusion of devices into company process structure
  • Location of devices
  • How troubleshooting procedures are currently set

The optimized printing solution proposal usually includes:

  • Proposal of optimized spatial distribution of printing devices
  • Recommendation of individual models of printing devices
  • Outlining the operating and managing processes

The output of printing optimization proposal for a company thus is a system that is cost-effective and predictable, where costs are easily defined and processes are standardized. In the long term, thorough printing optimization may save the company funds and time significantly, while user comfort and print quality is increased.