Projector technology

Projector technology is an essential part of today´s training centres and conference halls. It helps to keep customers, management or other participants interested. It gets and keep their attention and increases the amount of information they can retain.

Projectors can be used in rooms where the price of a large monitor would not be feasible. In addition to classic data projectors and projecting screens the market offers a variety of touch screens and tables that could complement the projectors and screens you have in an attractive way.

Basic types of projectors:

  • portable
  • short throw
  • permanently mounted
  • educational
  • interactive
  • visualizers

Projecting screens are an essential supplement of data projectors. Their surface significantly increases the contrast and brightness of the image projected, making it easier to view.

Basic types of projecting screens:

  • roll-up (manual or electrical)
  • frame (fixed or mobile)