Interactive Technology

A blackboard always was the place where a person could tap information and receive education. Today´s whiteboards are changing into smart technology, they are becoming a space where we can work in an interactive fashion. Interactive technology is thus becoming a superb tool for broad use, ranging from presentations to teaching. Interactive boards can serve as projecting screen on which you can use your hand or pen to control various applications or to write notes. Together with interactive projectors this substantially enhances the potential of commercial or educational presentations.

Interactive boards can be mounted on an adjustable stand or on a wall. The latest technology include boards with interactive short throw projectors with a very short projection distance that can project widescreen images from a distance starting at a couple of inches. These projectors can also be used with almost any smooth surface.

Interactive technology can be divided into the following categories

  • Boards for touch and for use with a pen (several pens simultaneously)
  • Portable or mounted touch screens
  • Integrated systems – interactive projector with an interactive board