Audiovideo technology

Do you need a portable projector for daily business presentations or a large one for a lecture hall? Do you wish to communicate with your employees via video-conferences? We will help you make your choice, we will suggest suitable options and provide not only the delivery, but also assembly and service of all components if needed.

Our offer of audio-visual technology falls into the following three categories:

We provide complex technology of 3M, Epson, SONY, Benq, Acera and, if needed, other brands.

No need to get lost in the world of pixels, resolution, technology and brand names, contact us and we will prepare a suitable offer for you.

For self-contained projects, e.g. for schools and education, we are able to provide some very attractive solutions at exclusive pricing! We specialize also in complex provision of interactive technology, where we have truly extensive experience namely in the field of education.