We offer the HELIOS ERP information system, which is the most widely used system in the Czech Republic. It is used by over 4,500 companies and it includes a number of specialized modules facilitating its adaptation to the needs of the company regardless of its size or line of business. HELIOS helps its users to find their way in the mass of data that pertains to company´s activities and operation. Based on the size and business line of the company, we implement the following products:

HELIOS ERP system is designed as a multi-layer architecture of client / server that provides maximum data safety, stability and speed.

It features the following functionality modules:

  • economy agenda, such as accounting, taxes
  • managing business and services
  • managing processes in production companies
  • dealing with warehouse agenda
  • management of transport
  • agriculture
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Workflow atd.

We employ a number of certified experts, merchants and consultants, programmers and analysts, who underwent a demanding process of certification at ASSECO SOLUTIONS, the system producer. Our customers will appreciate our professional approach starting with the input analysis, designing the solution to the process of ERP system implementation. We provide HELIOS in the configuration needed, with optimum settings, staff training and, if needed, some customization. Thanks to branch offices of our group we can provide service support in the whole Czech Republic at the quality and scope necessary.